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PrimeFit personal trainers are very professional, dedicated and flexible super trainers who literally caters to people of all shapes and sizes. PrimeFit goes above and beyond to watch out for their “gym babies” so that none of us ever get injured, nor feel discouraged about our fitness or how we look. 


Before I started training with Jia, I dreaded going to the gym and dreaded my workouts at another place because it felt like a beating every time I was there. Now, I do everything in my power to reschedule meetings so that I never have to miss a morning workout with Jia. Workouts are never boring and every session is carefully customised according to our needs, goals and physiques. Most importantly, I am seeing results despite falling off the bandwagon several times (damn my love for food and travel). But I’m getting there with a truly supportive and dedicated personal trainer who cheers me every step of the way. I might be in my 40s but I’ve never felt stronger or fitter!


Jon & Serene, 40s

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