I’ve had a number of trainers over 15+ years of trying to get in shape. It wasn’t until I met Ray was I able to stick with a program and get the results I craved. I have been following his program going on 5 yrs now. In the past, I would use a trainer for no more than 8 months, before falling off the program and out of the gym. I found most trainers wouldn’t listen to what I enjoyed and they pushed their own program. What sets PrimeFit apart, is the coaches listen. If I came to the gym complaining that I don’t want to do legs, Ray would say, fine we will do something else, but next time we do legs he would say. He reads his clients and isn’t afraid to change things up, but will also push me when needed.


When I started, I could barely do a push-up, now I can do 30+ in a minute. Plus, on my 57th Birthday, I did 57 burpees! PrimeFit gives you results!


Greg, 58