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Personal Training & Nutrition

The Best Personal Training Gym In Raffles Place

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BODY TRANSFORMATION program will get you stronger and looking better all at once. Master the art of building muscle and strength to change your physique for a more confident YOU.

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LIFESTYLE FITNESS focuses on building a strong and fit body in the gym to combat negative postural issues and also offers more pragmatic solutions to fitness and lifestyle management for individuals looking for a slightly less radical body transformation.

Pregnant Woman in Underwear

PRE & POST NATAL training prepares all mothers for birth and can help you shed those excess pounds after the birth of your baby with our tried-and-true weight loss and strength training plan conducted by PrimeFit's pre and post natal certified coaches.

Heavy Weights

STRENGTH & CONDITIONING hybrid program is suited for those who would like to improve overall sports performance such as endurance, strength and power. Your coach will know how and when to push you through that last rep, and ensure you leave the gym knowing you gave your 100%.



package guarantees results in a short period of time. All you need to do is show up and give your 100%.


4x a week

5x a week

6x a week

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